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Discovering Pangea Shellfish Company

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Empire Fish Company is proud to have a partnership with the experts of the shellfish Pangea_logobusiness who are dedicated to providing the highest quality oysters and shellfish available. Not only is there product fantastic, but they also have a great business philosophy and responsibility to the environment.

The company was founded in 2001 by Owner and President Ben Lloyd and in 2010 purchased an oyster farm in Duxbury Bay which he named, Standish Shore Farm. Their 8000 square foot facility is located in the Boston Seaport District and they offer four varieties of oysters.

oyster-pangeaBesides having incredible imagery, Pangea’s website contains an oyster encyclopedia that allows you to search for a particular oyster and is categorized by variety, species, harvest location, growout method, flavor influences, and flavor profile. To learn more, please visit



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